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Changing habits

After a long hiatus away from the keyboard because of health issues, I think it’s time I re-evaluated my ‘office’ space. Changing working habits and creating a more comfortable working environment might help with my writing. I think the first thing I need to do is try to declutter my desk. I like a lot of space without things unnecessarily taking up room on the desk. The two biggest space hogs are an audio mixer and large monitor, both used with my PC (which doesn’t get much use anyway).

To give me more flexibility in where my ‘office’ actually is at any time, I’ve started using my laptop exclusively. This is partly due to its portability, but mainly due to the rapidly increasing cost of energy. The laptop is much more energy efficient than a PC and 27″ monitor. I suspect the latter may be partially relocated to give me a cleaner desktop (as I’ve hinted above).

Using a laptop will also allow me to head out to pubs & cafes and illicitly engage with the outside world. Hopefully this will give me inspiration, both for storylines and characters.

A long time ago I started two stories but at the time I had no real plan on how they would progress. Planning is something I need to learn and I’m sure it’ll help me in the long term. Research will also be key to some aspects of my storytelling. I also need to relearn some aspects of my preferred wordprocessor (LibreOffice), particularly in tracking changes.

Another problem I have is a short attention span. All too often I deliberately find distractions to take me away from doing the important stuff. Facebook, YouTube and a mug that needs refilling with tea. All these conspire to stop me in my tracks. I believe there’s sites out there that can help in this area, over the coming weeks I will be exploring a few.

Now back to my mug of tea and YouTube

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