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Borg implant is finally installed

It’s been about seven months since my sight became so bad I could no longer use a computer. I couldn’t read anything without the aid of some sort of magnifying aid. About three weeks ago I finally had a cataract assigned to the depths of hell. My Borg implant is finally installed and I have perfect long vision (in one eye at least). I have perfect vision (with reading glasses) for all the close up stuff.

Cataract surgery is quite an amazing process. I assumed they’de make an incision on one side of the lens and slide it out. The reality is far more amazing. After making a tiny hole in the top and side of your eye, the old lens is pulverised by ultrasound fired through one hole, the lens is then sucked out of the other. A new lens (rolled up) is then inserted through the same hole and unfurled.

This method results in a much quicker recovery time.

Why has it taken so long? Well, that’s due to the unique way in which the NHS isn’t funded.

I’ve got much to do over the coming months. I started two stories, but never had any plans on how they would progress. I just kept typing until I ran out of ideas. This has to stop, and I need to think through these stories and figure out how they both pan out in their entirity.

I’m also seriously behind catching up on othe blogs on this platform. I know some of you have been busy, and I’ll be trying to get through as much as I can as soon as I can.

Now this Borg implant is finally installed, I wonder how long it will be before my other eye is done.

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