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The yesterday house

Writing would be easier if I knew what to write about. To aid me in this I’ve taken a few cues from The muse of last resort. I hope mixing some of the ideas from there will create a mystery, possibly a whodunnit. I’ll probably have to head back to the aforementioned blog frequently to try and find new directions this story could go in. The yesterday house could (I hope) become an intriguing mix of each lodgers individual stories.

A brief synopsis

An owner and a number of lodgers make up the household. New lodgers quickly realise as they wake the following morning that nobody can remember who anyone else is. They can’t even remember what they were doing yesterday, or how long they’ve been there. Apart from new lodgers, nobody else visits the house, which sits at the end of a narrow path lined with low hedgerows and mature trees. As time goes on, lodgers start to realise that it’s not possible to leave either. When anyone gets the idea that they need to leave something always happens to prevent this. The yesterday house holds secrets, and it seems the only way to escape is to find these.

One lodger is different, she sees another person that nobody else can see or hear. She’s able to talk to them but never divulges what this unseen person is saying to her. She won’t even describe them, when pressed all she will say is that he’s a white male. She spends much of her time in her room talking to this hidden individual, as if it’s possibly someone she’s known for a long time. The more she converses with him the uneasier she becomes. The mere mention of him would send her into a soporific daze, unable to cope with any questioning on the unseen male.

The remaining lodgers form a collective to try and record events as they happen. What’s said, what is done. All this to try to piece together a timeline of events that have put them in this situation, and hopefully provide an escape.

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